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What is Insight Fantasy?

Insight Fantasy

Insight Fantasy is, as the title implies, a fantasy roleplaying game in a world of magic, monsters, divine powers and cold iron.

First of all, I want to explain why I’m making Insight Fantasy. There are a lot of fantasy RPGs out here, why make a new one?

I wanted to create an RPG with an element that I’ve been missing; the possibility to change the story while playing it. Not like the traditional RPG’s, where you can solve the same quest in a couple of different ways. I want the players to be able to really change the story entirely. I have always felt like most sessions have been too linear, with no, or very little room for improvisation and surprises. You can, of course, complete your mission in different ways in a linear session, but at the end, you will always feel like you’ve been a part of a predetermined storyline. Your player character can die, give up or fail the quest, but that doesn’t add a new dimension to the gameplay.

What I wanted, was to create a system that embraces spontaneity and problem-solving at another level, and makes it possible to alter the story based on the player’s actions. I wanted to create a system where your mental and social skills make a big difference when playing, not just combat skills and magic powers; a system where the GM is responsible for initiating the session, but both the players and the GM are part of determining the end.

Insight Fantasy is a further development of the Insight RPG System, a universal classless system. The list of Skills has been modified to suit a fantasy setting, and some system functions have been changed, but all in all, the core system should be familiar to those who have played the Insight RPG System. You don’t need the Insight RPG System Core Rulebook to play Insight Fantasy; it is a stand-alone system.

When making Insight Fantasy, I did not try to reinvent the fantasy genre in any way. Dwarves, halflings, elves, gnomes, orcs, goblins and dragons are still what you think they are (there might be an exception with the orcs; orcs can be nice people too). I believe it is essential, that players and GMs are familiar with the fantasy setting before diving into this system. Too much strangeness and modifications could make it harder for both parts to immerse themselves in the stories. It also makes it easier to implement already existing stories and worlds created by famous authors into the system.

The creation and development of your player character are an important part of playing Insight Fantasy. The possibilities are almost endless. A 1st level player character is not ready for great adventures. You should not believe that you can achieve much before you’re at least at level 3. Level 1 and 2 should be used only as an introduction to the system with little serious combat, and very few problems to be solved. You need to get familiar with the skills you have chosen and the actions you can perform, so that you know which skills you want to train and select next time you level up. When reaching higher levels, there is a possibility that you have a unique character sheet in your hands.

Having a unique player character makes you more unpredictable, and able to solve problems in ways that the GM most likely could not foresee. You don’t have to think about tuning your skills for combat all the time. As long as you play (and lead) by the ideas of Insight Fantasy, it’s the roleplaying part that matters the most.

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Even V. Røssland

twitter: @Even_V_R

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