No alignments in Insight Fantasy

Some are good, some are evil, but there are no alignments in Insight Fantasy.

It is socially acknowledged to be kind, but being kind is somewhat more demanding than being wicked.

The freedom to make your own choices is a central topic in Insight Fantasy. You don’t need to choose your ethical and moral perspectives when creating your character. You can evolve, change your standpoints and modify your way of living as you progress. However, you can at any stage, decide that you want to serve the greater cause of good or evil, and become a worshipper.

Most people don’t benefit from being a worshipper, other than being part of a community. Divine Chanters, on the other hand, will be able to increase their powers by worshipping.

A Divine Chanter is traditionally referred to as Clerics or Paladins. In Insight Fantasy, all who can channel divine powers are Divine Chanters.

Besides the benefits you get as a Divine Caster, you can gain special, and powerful abilities and skills by staying loyal to your deity; becoming a Good or Evil person. Only a very few, and very devoted worshippers gain these abilities, and the path is long and difficult, but it is the closest thing to the divine.

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By Even V. Røssland ( @Even_V_R )


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