Quality in the Insight RPG System

Quality - a number between 0 and 10 One of the main concepts of the Insight RPG System’s mechanics is the use of Quality. Every object, item, force and ability can be measured in a

Tabletop RPG vs MMORPG

What is the difference between tabletop RPG and MMO RPG? In theory, there are few differences between Tabletop RPG’s and MMORPG’s. Both are social, both are stimulating the players’ minds, and both are enjoyed by a

Creature illustrations for the Insight RPG System

The past months, the dedicated and skillful artist freelancer Alexandrescu Paul have been busy making creature illustrations for the Insight RPG System Core Rulebook and the Era of Darkness Add-on. His illustrations are a big boost for

Core Rulebook release date

The Insight RPG System Core Rulebook will be released in spring 2014. Cover illustration and other illustrations are in progress. The development of the system started in 2012, and the purpose is to make a