Troll Shield

The adventure “Troll Shield” is available at DriveThruRPG

Weapon Sizes Explained

What is a 1½-handed weapon? The 1½ -handed weapon is actually a 2-handed weapon, but it can be used with one hand. If a medium 1½-handed sword is used with one hand only, the sword

Raging Seas

Work in progress: Raging Seas – a new Add-on for the Insight RPG System covering rules for sailing ships, naval combat and lots more.

Quality – Random Roll

The Quality of an item, force or element is a number between 1 and 10, where 10 is the highest Quality. Sometimes, the GM needs to make Random Quality Rolls. Rolling one d10 would solve

Cover Illustration

Thanks to Magda Wlodarska for helping us with the characters for the front cover of the Insight RPG System Core Rulebook. Magda is Master of Fine Arts with extensive experience in fantasy and sci-fi illustrations. See