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Insight RPG System Core Rulebook

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The Insight RPG System – an eye-opening Role-playing experience!

The simple, yet versatile rules ensure that both the players and the GM are part of an exciting and changeable adventure, where the players have the power to alter the outcome of every quest to their benefit or to their detriment. The GM may be challenged by the players’ creativity, and is forced to make impromptu decisions that can lead the story in a completely different direction than anticipated.

The Insight RPG Core Rulebook has all the rules you need to run any RPG session. The game mechanics is a flexible d10 system based on Success and Complexity. As a Game Master you may opt out any rules or variants (like Magic or Sanity) with ease to perfect your campaign.

Create and develop your Player Character as you like, without being hampered by predefined limitations. Create your own path; define your own class. It’s the Skills you choose and the Skills you combine that define your Player Character.

Find inspiration and share experiences on the official Insight RPG System website: Here you will find supplementary settings, objects and creatures. Create and share adventures and worlds with others.

Use the Insight RPG System in any setting or universe you’d like; it is customized to fit them all!