Insight Fantasy – No Classes, No XP

//Insight Fantasy – No Classes, No XP

Insight Fantasy – No Classes, No XP

Insight Fantasy does not use either classes or XP. Classes tend to form you as a player rather than letting you form your player character. XP is traditionally a reward for defeating monsters and completing quests, and the purpose of XP is driven by the mechanism of leveling up. This system has a different way of leveling up.

Profession, not Class

The system uses the term Profession, rather than Class, because you are free to describe your player character as you wish (within reasonable limits), and you are free to rename your profession along the way. The Core Rules will, however, have a selection of 11 different pre-generated professions that resembles typical fantasy RPG classes (e.g., fighter, wizard, rogue, bard, alchemist, etc.) as a start.

No classes and no XP in Insight Fantasy

Leveling up

In Insight Fantasy, the process of leveling up is not a sudden happening that can happen at any time. You do not, from out of nothing, increase your skills and stats in a deep dungeon far away from civilization. Leveling up is something you do in between your adventures in a safe location, like a city or village where you can find a skill trainer that is willing to help you to increase your skills.

As you level up, you get skill points that you can use for selecting new skills or upgrade skills you already have. All standard skills can be selected and upgraded with no ifs and buts, but the special skills require some extra. All special skills have a special skill level. In order for you to select and upgrade a special skill, you need Influence equal to the special skill level.

Reputation & Influence

When you complete a quest or adventure, you are rewarded with Reputation points. When you have a certain amount of reputation points, you can trade them for Influence. Your Influence indicates how famous/known/influential you are. It can be used to improve your skill rolls in social settings, make it easier to change the story, and give access to communities where influence matters. It also makes you able to select special skills (the “special” skill trainers require that you have a certain level of Influence).

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By Even V. Røssland ( @Even_V_R )