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Insight Fantasy logoBy clicking on the button below, you will get access to the Insight Fantasy Character Generator. It is a Google Spreadsheet document, so don’t expect anything fancy.

To use the Character Generator, you must make your own copy of the file by clicking File -> Make a Copy
(you cannot make changes to the original).

Green cells can be modified. You should not make any changes to any of the white cells.

You can open the four sheets at the bottom (Information, Character Sheet, Skills, and Dice Roller).
You should start with three basic steps before exploring the Character Generator any further:

  1. Go to the Character Sheet and select a race, and possibly set your size
  2. Go to the Skills (sheet) and set your selected Skills to known
  3. Go back to the Character Sheet and choose your Armor, Weapons and have a look at how your selected Skills have changed the Actions

There may be some delay when selecting Skills as the spreadsheet has to make calculations. 

Character Generator