Alchemy in Insight Fantasy

//Alchemy in Insight Fantasy

Alchemy in Insight Fantasy

The Core Rules has a chapter covering the creation of alchemical potions. A player character that is proficient with alchemy skills can mix ingredients and create unique drinkable potions, bombs and poisons. The book has a list of several alchemical ingredients that are frequently used by alchemists, but you can also study any possible ingredient you find (you can study almost anything you come across).

An ingredient can have different alchemical properties. These properties are the basis of all potions, as a potion must have a mix of all three alchemical property types; called X, Y and Z. A highly skilled alchemist is able to determine any ingredient’s alchemical properties in search for a perfect recipe.

Several potions are listed and described in the Core Rules, along with the properties and ingredients used to create them.

Being able to take control over the story, is a major part of Insight Fantasy. As an alchemist, you can discover ingredients and create alchemical potions no one has heard of, and change the story as the GM knows it.

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