Alchemy Contest

2016 Alchemy Contest

All around the world, alchemists are gathering for the greatest challenge of the year – the 2016 Alchemy Contest.

1632The First Prize is a $100 Gift Certificate from DriveThruRPG/RPGNow.
You are free to join. All you need is to create a unique potion recipe:

The potion recipe needs
– a name
– a short description
– ingredients
– an effect

Make an exciting, fun, dangerous, breathtaking or fascinating alchemical potion. Use the Alchemy rules on pages 236 to 242 in the Insight Fantasy Core Rules, and make your unique recipe (no Rolls required, only your imagination and creativity). The participant with the most original, innovative or interesting recipe wins the contest.

Submit your recipe by using the form displayed on this page.


vial_red_square copyThe Winner:

Potion of Winter’s Love by Master Alchemist James M.

Held in small leather bladders that are cool to the touch, Often equipped on rescue animals to help save people during avalanches.

Strength: Moderate
Property X : Water (Salmon Bile)
Property Y: Congealable (Ground Hematite)
Property Z: Skeleton & Tissue (Bear Fat)

The user is warm and is considered to be wearing Winter Clothing for 3 hours per potion Quality.

If you do not have the Insight Fantasy Core Rules yet, you can get it at  DriveThruRPG

You can submit recipes after the competition has ended, but you cannot win anything.

Note: the submitted alchemical recipes can be used in future expansions, adventures or add-ons.
Submitted email addresses are only used to contact the winner and will not be stored, distributed, sold or misused. 

For every 100 participants (having unique email addresses), there will be an additional $20 Prize as second prize, third prize etc. This will be announced.