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Combat in Insight Fantasy - a short introduction

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Insight Fantasy

Out Now!

Did you think the GM knew it all? Did you think the GM controls the NPCs 100%? Maybe you believe that the stories you play have a fixed conclusion.
Not in Insight Fantasy; here you, as a player, have the power to force the story in another direction, and solve your adventures in a way that the GM didn’t anticipate.

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Insight Fantasy is not an Add-on to the generic Insight RPG System Rulebook; it’s a standalone system, though based on the same game mechanics.

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The Insight RPG System

The Generic Insight RPG System Rulebook

Insight RPG System Core Rulebook

Tabletop Role Playing Games are supposed to be an adventure for both the players and the Game Master. Too many complicated rules and too much focus on combat and damage may spoil the experience. The Insight RPG System is created for those who want to remove all limits. Discover and create new ways to interact with the world in which you are playing.

The Insight RPG System is based on a few basic, easy to understand, mechanics. The game mechanics can be extended as much as you want, making it a versatile and adaptable universal role-playing system. You may use the system the easy way, in the beginning, adding extra functionality as you go. If you are familiar with other RPG systems, you can easily convert or adopt them to the Insight Role Playing Game System, making it possible to use stories and campaigns from other systems with the Insight System. If you are a Game Master, your players don’t have to learn the rules or mechanics before you start your campaign.

The core rules can be extended with official and unofficial add-ons. Add-ons contain additional rules, equipment, and abilities that are not covered specifically in the Core Rulebook. It is also possible to create custom extensions of the system to suit your own campaigns.

RPGers like you are welcome to post content, like adventures, creatures, stories, equipment, house rules, and add-ons. Send an email to if you want to contribute.

The Insight Role Playing Game System is a tabletop RPG system designed to be quickly learned, both by players new to RPGs and experienced RPG players.

The Universal Insight RPG System is available at all Amazon Stores and at DriveThruRPG